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Business Intelligence Dashboard

Oceania’s only full-service BI provider has just launched a new service for small businesses

“Lime Light enables me to link together all my different data sources, like Xero, Facebook and Instagram and put it all into one easy to use platform. So I can log in at anytime and get a snapshot across all aspects of my business. Lime connects it all up for me and provides ongoing support if I need it.”

Laura Harris
Founder of Go Above and Beyond

What is Lime Light Dashboards?

Lime’s solution for small business owners.

Lime Light Dashboards was born from small businesses asking us if we could help set up tailored dashboards so they can ‘know their numbers’.

We needed a right-sized and low maintenance solution without the need to build a fully customised Business Intelligence platform (which is what Lime specialises in, for medium to large size businesses).

It is essentially a ‘light’ version of our BI service and platform which we have successfully built to deliver a lower cost-effective solution for small business.

Know your numbers

How does Lime Light Dashboards work? Simple steps to making better decisions.


We identify what key info you need to make better business decisions.


We hook up and connect your data sources and systems into our chosen ‘off the shelf’ BI tool (Google Data Studio).


We deliver custom dashboards branded in your style and accessed via our secure login screen.


We keep the ‘lights on’ and ensure it runs smoothly each month and offer basic support.

We set it up and manage it. You make data driven decisions.

Lime Light Dashboards use Google Data Studio to visualise multiple data sources in one single set of Dashboards.

Investment for Game Changing Insights

How much is it worth to know your numbers without the headaches? Ask yourself…

for the cost of $11.50 per day can one good decision from knowing your numbers make this a must have?

What has not knowing already cost you?

Between $5,000
and $7,000 + GST

Initial setup (Once off cost)

(Based on complexity of system set up)

Initial setup includes:

  • Initial call & onboarding survey to understand what tailored metrics you need (i.e.. what KPI’s / info will help you make better business decisions)
  • Brainstorm to help you work out what info and data to include
  • Tailored dashboard design – including your logo and brand colours
  • Connection of all your required data sources to create automated updates
  • Set up secure user login URL (i.e. to easily access your dashboards)
  • Zoom call to run through your draft dashboard (s) and take on feedback
  • One round of updates
  • Go live!

Monthly subscription includes:

  • Licence fees for dashboard tool
  • Data storage
  • Maintenance of connections (including any passwords updates to re-connect links to social media sites or other systems)
  • Access to our support desk
  • Up to 30 mins per month support if required

This is $11.50 per day for hassle free insights. Can knowing your numbers generate you more than this?

Future updates or changes beyond the initial set up are absolutely possible as your business grows.

For an hourly rate of $140 + GST for this service we can make updates / new dashboards and agree to a scope of works upfront.

Lime can grow with you…

Start with Lime Light and upgrade to the full Lime BIAAS Platform in the future to enable more complex and detailed data reporting capability as your business scales up.

Key differences between Lime Light and
Lime Business Intelligence as a Service (BIAAS)

Lime Light

  • Pitched at the top of the Lime Intelligence BI Pyramid – providing high level summary data only with the ability to do some small amount of analysis
  • It will deliver a great view of key KPI’s in areas important to your business
  • Limited support

Lime BIAAS Full

  • Covers the full ‘pyramid’ of data
  • Enables a tailored reporting system with menus, multiple reports and data processing
  • Enables more complex and detailed data reporting and interrogation
  • Fully branded for you
  • Data Culture package
key differences between lime light and lime business intelligence as a service (biaas)

We were looking for a product we could not find, until we reached out to Lime Intel.  They provided us with exactly what we needed and what any small business should have.  Our dashboards they created for us are easy to read, informative and will really help us look at all angles of our business and determine how to improve and grow.  The team were wonderful to deal with and nothing was a bother.  Highly recommend.

Rebecca Green

Frida’s Sip and Paint Studios

Let’s do this.

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One of  our team members will get in touch and get you started!


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