Business Intelligence Services Australia & New Zealand
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Lime’s BI Platform Dashboards is saving 20 hrs per week in report preparing across the business. The guys are getting data immediately, rather than spending so long on just putting the reports together. Its been a game changer to have everything at their fingertips.

A few months into having Lime’s BIAAS solution, we are increasing our profit margins as we are more aware of data and driving the team to push margins. We haven’t had any stock overruns with the visibility we have over the business and focus it gives us.

Daniel Ludlam, Managing Director, The Timber Barron.

How does one start on the Business Intelligence journey?

It’s a bit like the eating the elephant analogy … you start with the first bite and just keep going one bite at a time.

We like to call it Business Intelligence as a Service (BIAAS).

Remembering that Lime’s end goal is to build a data driven decision making culture in your business, our approach is simply based on creating steps that do the building.

Business intelligence solutions

Lime Intelligence helps decision makers visualise their numbers without the headache of having to access multiple data sources. We partner with you to:

  1. Organise and cleanse your data.
  2. Build a data warehouse.
  3. Enable reporting off multiple data sources and systems.
  4. Build easy to read dashboards that tell the story of your business performance.
  5. Work with you with ongoing support to maximize success in data driven decision making.
Business transformation

Lime Intelligence identifies where our customers are on their BI journey through what we call an ‘Under the Bonnet’ workshop. This aims to identify current business processes and systems and outline how these can be streamlined for greater work efficiencies and data capture.

This can include Project Management of new systems implementation (including ERP systems) to assist customers to navigate their business transformation journey and deliver an outcome as efficiently as possible.

Airport BI solutions

Lime Intelligence has a collective experience of over 70+ in aviation. We get airports and what is critical data to effectively operate, manage and future proof airport businesses.

Lime has an off the shelf tailored Airport Product that has evolved with the input of our current 22 airport customers to give you easy access to flight data, commercial revenue, car park data, forward scheduling as well as forecasting and passenger research.

We can take in all data sources from finance, and property to flight data to provide airports with business intelligence as a service solution.

Talk to us today about how to build a successful business intelligence (BI) strategy.

Our clients

Just some of the great businesses that we’ve worked with! We love our clients! Our clients benefit from our 150+ years of collective business intelligence experience, and gain access to a powerful suite of online data analysis and reporting tools – and so could you.

What Lime Intelligence Does

Lime empowers people to find answers from data so they can make a difference in their business by  knowing their numbers.

We’ve helped 100’s of people by building tailored BI solutions for them and using cutting edge cloud-based technology to reduce their headaches and stress and gain total visibility over their business performance.