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Lime Intelligence

Tailored Freight Dashboards & Business Insights.

Are you maximising your CargoWise investment?

“After 40 years of gut feel, I realised that what I felt was not reality for our business”

CEO of International Freight Forwarder.

Business intelligence and harnessing data from your existing systems (like CargoWise) is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s a must-have asset for your business.

Having dashboards and knowing your numbers gives you total visibility to change tact, max revenue and cap losses.

Data insights make you agile and give you the confidence to adapt with ease.

I used to find it difficult to get the answers I needed to know what was going on in my business. We needed to find a way to easily extract the data from Cargowise and make it simple for our team to access reports. That’s when I realised the importance of being able to have Dashboards that I can see on my mobile phone, giving me that freedom to see what’s happening in my business from anywhere.

And now everyone in my team can access the same consistent data in dashboards relevant to them.  From looking up what customers have been doing with us, to seeing the utilisation of shipments by port within seconds.

With the help of Lime Intelligence, I am now able to make more informed decisions and have uncovered how to easily make game changing decisions from the data available.  I would recommend anyone in the freight business to talk to Lime and get this peace of mind.

Lance Evans

Evans International Freight Consolidators

What are Freight Dashboards?

Freight dashboards centralise all your key data in one easy-to-use online platform. They clearly visualise all your KPIs and insights into easy to read reports with ‘drill down‘ capability.

Take away the headaches of reworking multiple spreadsheets and the time lag this takes.

Lime Intelligence Freight Dashboards unlocks your CargoWise key insights and puts this all at your fingertips. Low maintenance, easy, powerful.

  • Be agile and read the tea leaves
  • Have your CargoWise data actually talk to you
  • Easily know your margins per shipment
  • Track performance by customer and port
  • Know your utilisation

Learn more

Watch our video to explore the possibilities of Freight Dashboards

The Power of Tailored Dashboards

You don’t know what you don’t measure.

Do you ever ask yourself?

“Why do our costs keep going up despite efforts to improve our supply chain?”

“How can I get accurate and timely data on shipments?”

“Can I save time tracking and managing freight operations?”

“How can I find inefficiencies in freight operations and increase profits?”

“Can I improve customer service with real-time shipment updates?”

Get more info today and see a free demo.

Don’t get left behind.