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Who are we?

Lime is the only full service BI provider in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Lime Intelligence is powered by a group of eager professionals who understand Business Intelligence solutions and the importance of being relevant. By always asking ourselves ‘so what’ when it comes to every challenge or project, we focus on relevance and looking for new solutions tailored for each customer.

We continue to evolve our reporting platform and look at ways to present visual and compelling stories.

Lime BI platform is a business focused on delivering business intelligence solutions as a service. With a growing team with over 60 years of combined experience, Lime prides itself on thinking differently to deliver high value outcomes for our customers (and having some fun along the way!).

Taking complex challenges and transforming these into ‘bite size’ and easy to understand insights.

Having completed multiple successful business transformation services and implementing the Lime easy to use reporting and analysis tool into over 20 businesses around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands,  Lime is building a reputation as relevant, experienced and approachable.

Just add a squeeze of Lime!

Carly & Matt

Founders & Managing Partners

Lime Intelligence has been built on the experience captured over the past 20+ years that Matt and Carly each have gained in building business commercial capability. From previous CFO roles to Business Development and Marketing roles, Team Lime brings a wealth of knowledge and capability to our customers.

Carly Wieland

Entrepreneur, Award winning marketer, Disruptor of Status Quo

Carly is a fixer, relentlessly in pursuit of business improvement.

She sees problems and comes up with solutions. She is fearless in developing new strategies, thinking creatively and building relationships. She works collaboratively with her clients to demystify the process of Business Intelligence and uses her skills in data analysis to uncover truths.

Carly has a wealth of experience (especially in her 25 years spent in the Aviation sector) that she loves applying to new clients and new sectors.

Matt Dyer

Creator of simplicity, Leader in business transformation

Matt is the king of problem solving and has a knack for simplifying complex challenges.

As a business transformation specialist, Matt has overseen multi-million dollar organisational change for a number of enterprises over the last 25 years. He understands what drive efficiencies and growth, and how to best harness a company’s resources.

As a technology specialist, Matt is able to show executive teams and boards how to employ innovation in a constructive way. Best of all, he does this without the “geek” cap on, breaking it into easy to understand language and digestible messages.

Owen McEntee

Project Delivery & Systems Manager

Streamlining Business Systems – Lime’s GPS

Owen is an experienced senior manager with extensive Australasian experience in Finance, ICT, Business Systems & Processes. After 20 years at Visionstream and Leighton Contractors, Owen can now inject his significant experience into Team Lime’s projects and customers.

Owen’s role is a key part of delivering Lime Intelligence’s new focus on helping businesses navigate the path of streamlining their internal systems & processes to ultimately enable easy access to data.  Working with our existing customers to date, we realise the challenge of demystifying the headache of ‘where to start’ when it comes to business systems and transforming data into a ‘single source of truth’ – to then report upon.   That’s where Owen comes in!

Having been there and done that for multiple businesses, Lime now has additional fire power in this area.
We navigate, walk you through the process in partnership and get it done!! 

Owen brings: 

  • Senior level experience leading large scale, multi-disciplinary transformation projects and Finance & ICT shared-service operations;
  • Skilled in analysing & identifying business and operational improvement needs and initiatives; and the design & delivery of solutions for these. 

Michalie Steel

Business Development Manager

All about pulling out data insights for success.

As an experienced professional, Michalie started out in accounting and commercial roles and later moved into airport business development. Michalie is now keen to give our customers ‘Lime Love’ and maximise their value from using Lime tools and consulting projects.

She has been using her unique combination of data analytics and personal communication style to link data to insights to new airline routes and profitable commercial businesses cases for airports for over 15 years. Michalie is passionate about sharing her depth of aviation knowledge and intuitive commercial business approach to bring our clients targets to life.

Specifically she can apply her knowledge of aviation and business intelligence into:

  • Consulting projects including new business case development
  • Research projects
  • Regular reporting insights and advice to customers
  • Forecasting
  • Data analysis and story telling
  • Building a data culture in teams (working with customers to maximise their value from Lime)

Steve Bramblet

Digital and IT Specialist

Full stack developer and Technical Champion

Supporting the Lime IT and development team, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge to make our products humm. As an expert in data transformation and software development languages, Steve can assist our clients achieve simplified and scalable solutions and set them up for BI.

Born in California, Steve grew up in Western Australia before starting his career back in the USA in the home of blue grass and KFC, Kentucky USA, working in IT primarily in finance industries. Moving back to Australia in 2013, Steve is now settled in Brisbane and is a key part of the Lime Digital team (and still has an Aussie accent).

Kieran Harrison

Systems and Operations Analyst

The Delivery Man

As a person who always ensures the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted, Kieran thoroughly enjoys being a key part of the ‘Engine Room’ here at Lime. Kieran handles all things from client requests, data/ systems administration, new client implementations and development as well as the day to day operations.

Kieran has been a part of Team Lime since May 2019 after joining from a large leasing company. He has a great passion for IT and business management and shares our vision of ensuring that our customers love their experience with Lime and are at the centre of all we do.

Levi Breakwell

IT Analyst

IT Solutions Finder

Levi is an IT graduate from QUT Majoring in Computer Science. Levi brings to team Lime a broad range of skills from general IT, trouble-shooting database structures and data cleansing through to building dashboards for the Lime Light product.

Levi does not shy away from a challenge and finds work most fulfilling when it is pushing him to develop his skills further. Levi is working with the rest of Team Lime to continuously evolve Lime’s BI platform and client data solutions.

Josh O’Kane

Project Assistant

Driven and energetic; always striving for better outcomes

Since joining Team Lime in July 2020, Josh has worked on several of Lime’s engagements. Drawing from his studies in finance and economics and a long-time love of aviation, he feels right at home with Lime’s innovative approach to working with industry partners.

Josh approaches every day with the sole aim of doing everything possible to ensure the quality of our products and to get things done. There’s nothing that motivates him more than achieving a finished product that empowers businesses to level up their decision-making.

Mark Jeffrey

Data Visualisation Specialist

The Vizard

Mark joins Team Lime as our game changing lead for BI data visualisation and boosts Lime’s capabilities to the next level.

As a highly experienced and passionate story-teller, Mark creates the ‘wow factor’ in presenting data visualisations that deliver relevant customer insights. Bringing data to life through captivating dashboards and enabling easy drill down and analysis is Mark’s focus.

Originally from Scotland, Mark is now a local Brissy lad and has been affectionately labelled our in-house ‘Vizard’.

Sally Russ

New Zealand Business Development Manager

Empowering New Zealand business with local knowledge

Building relationships & Creative thinking are what have driven Sally’s success in the Telcos, Media and Aviation sectors.

She enjoys working as an extension of your business to really get a sense of who you are and your genuine needs to fit tailored solutions for better business outcomes.

Having been a super user of Limes product as the Business Development and Operational Manager at Nelson Airport she really understands the needs for our customers at that granular level and the value of what our data can do for your business and your stakeholder’s success.

Based in Nelson New Zealand, she is on the ground and looking forward to helping our NZ customers thrive!

What’s important to us

Customers are the center of our universe.

Our unique BI platform and approach are all about driving simplicity and having the end game in mind. By starting with the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor and identifying tailored needs for each customer, Lime has built a bespoke and easy-to-use suite of products.

Your experience will be a little different.

Working with Lime is like having an extension to your internal teams.. We like to deliver outcomes while building genuine relationships and having some fun along the way!

Never standing

Lime has an agile and continuous enhancement program to ensure we are always relentlessly in pursuit of improving the way we do things from our customer service through to our products.

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.

— Albert Einstein

Lime values: Reliability
Lime values: Genuine care
Lime values: Commitment
Lime values: Collaboration
Lime values: Customer focus
Lime values: Integrity

Our products must be:

Easy to use




Forever evolving

Why Lime is my favourite fruit

What our customers say they love about working with Lime Intelligence, and how it helps them on a daily basis.

Our clients

Just some of the great businesses that we’ve worked with! Our clients benefit from our 45+ years of collective business intelligence experience, and gain access to a powerful suite of online data analysis and reporting tools – and so could you.