Do you truly understand the impact of current travel contractions on your airport and what levers you can pull? - Lime Intelligence
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Do you truly understand the impact of current travel contractions on your airport and what levers you can pull?

This is the time to be ‘all over’ your dashboards and knowing where the impacts are hitting hardest and identifying areas of ‘light’ to focus on.

Being aware, focused and ready to engage with airlines and stakeholders when the market bounces back (which it will!) ensures your airport is in a position of strength.

Knowledge is power and acts as your GPS in uncertain times.

Equip yourself and your airport with data and know what strategies to employ.

Lime is ready to lean in and support… Lets take some action below…

Lime is springing into action!

We are ready to lean in and support our airport partners using our significant experience and tools at our disposal.  

Lime’s action plan … don’t wait to see what happens, lets take immediate action!  How:

Step 1.

  • We will contact existing members of the Lime Community who have the Commercial Module for a one-on-one online workshop next week … targeting dates will be Thu 19th and Fri 20th.
  • We will ‘dive deep’ into current results and pull out key insights and how to interpret what this is telling you for the current environment and what it means for the next few months ahead. Re-forecast and have awareness.

Step 2.

  • Discuss the option for Lime’s experienced airport and airline CFO Matt Dyer to engage with your management and finance team to create a series of quick dashboards with a focus on the relationship between revenue and cost points.
  • Deliver a tailored impact assessment and identify key levers and ares of the business needing most focus. 
  • We can easily do this with our BI tools in house in a fraction of the time you can do internally and give you a peer perspective.

Matt has had first hand experience at turning an airline’s finances around into a resilient business that has thrived post a challenging economic period. We can offer this senior experience to our Lime Community of airports. 

Take action today and put yourself in an aware, clear and focused position of strength.  It is an ideal opportunity to harness the power of data to map key actions for the coming months and beyond.

Email us at [email protected] and lets demonstrate what a dynamic industry we are.