Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions Australia & New Zealand
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What is Business Intelligence?

Data driven decision making. Creating a central source of truth and presenting the data in a way that is easy to read and enables actionable insights.

Data collection

Multiple sources of data (could be internal and external).

business intelligence data collection
Data cleansing and formatting

Creating a central point of truth.

Making sense of data.

Cleaning data and combing into a central database(s) to enable analysis and reporting.

business intelligence data cleansing and formatting
what is business intelligence
business intelligence reporting and insights
Reporting and insights

Simplifying and presenting data for meaningful business insights and decisions.

End game = relevant and easy-to-use reporting and analysis.

What info do we need to do our job?

How do we measure and track performance?

What’s important to us?

Ongoing support, maintenance and advice

Maximising the investment value of setting up BI in the first place.

Outsourcing ongoing maintenance, upgrades, technical back end support and licensing.

Teaching teams how to use it = Building Data Culture

ongoing support, maintenance and advice for business intelligence

Insourcing vs outsourcing

One of the great dilemmas in business is deciding what to do in-house and what to outsource?

When it comes to Business Intelligence, the key questions to ask are –

  1. Do you have the expertise internally?

  2. What is the most efficient method of gathering and applying BI.

If you don’t have the expertise of a data analyst in-house, you either employ someone in-house to fill that function or you contract someone like Lime Intelligence.

The pros of doing it in-house is that you have integrated people inside your business making decisions in collaboration with other team members. You have control of the process and timings.

insourcing and outsourcing BI

Alternatively, outsourcing the function of BI means you have instant access to expertise which means they can bring best practice standards immediately to the table. Consultants will have seen the same issues before in other projects so the efficiencies of learning are also much greater.

Then there’s the matter of cost. Building BI capability in-house can require an investment in time, people and training. And there is often a time lag to employ and skill up resources (who often still need external support, costing more money and time).

By engaging an external support business like Lime Intelligence, you are activating immediate skilled resources equating to lower rates of failure and extra peace of mind.

Food for thought.

The Lime approach

How does one start on the Business Intelligence journey?

It’s a bit like the eating the elephant analogy … you start with the first bite and just keep going one bite at a time.

Remembering that Lime’s end goal is to build a data driven decision making culture in your business, our approach is simply based on creating steps that do the building.

Getting started really isn’t that hard. We identify what you need and what is important for you to know. That’s your foundation.

Our online platform and consulting services provide a framework for the construction of BI capability. Our team, in collaboration with yours, act as Project Managers to guide the process and maintain integrity.

Lime’s database management and back-end technology provides secure cladding around the project and makes everything functional.  And you don’t have to worry about arranging and managing separate licensing agreements, cloud storage or any other additional unknowns.

Finally, with the finishing touches of data reporting, analysis, ongoing support and training all added you have an online tool plus an evolving data culture built and ready to go.


User Access
User login via website

Access via website with secure password and integration into everyday operations for better decision making.

Customisable Reports
Cloud web portal with embedded reports, visualisations and dashboards.
Data Sources
Lime takes multiple data sources and combines these on our cloud based server.

We identify data needs, cleanse data and create a central source of truth to then enable reporting.

How We Deliver Business Intelligence as a Service

Navigate the Implementation and Execution of a BI strategy

  • Enabling the Implementation phase through our experience in requirements gathering
  • Identifying the ‘end game’ use of data for better decision making
  • Work with teams to collate data sources
Give you a user-friendly
BI platform

  • Distribution of the data to the desktops of multiple users
  • Accessible and easy to use tool to enable analysis, interpretation and visual reporting
  • Self-service tool
Ongoing Support to De-Risk Implementation Investment

  • Lime works with you for an initial period of 12 months to integrate the platform into teams and teach them how to maximise its value
  • Building a data culture strategy
  • Easily transition to internal after 12 months if required