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Key questions every airport commercial manager should ask

Having easy access to data is one thing, but how do you know what to look for?

Lime’s new Commercial Module reports (aka Commercial 2.0) is now live and we have designed business intelligence reports to make it easier to tell a story and pull out the key insights relevant for your airport.  Here’s how to unravel the mystery of commercial data with Lime.

Lime Commercial has 8 focus areas and 16 individual reports – combining flight, property, aero and commercial results into one central platform. Focus areas include:

  • Summaries and Management Dashboards

  • Story Telling – 7 Key Questions

  • Cumulative Results

  • Historical vs Passengers

  • Revenue and Turnover

  • Outlets and Market Share

  • Car Park Series

Focus Point 1. Unraveling the Story.

7 Key Questions every Commercial Manager and Airport GM/CEO should ask… The Story Telling Dashboard Report (see below).

Note: data shown in these images are ‘dummy data’ figures only and do not represent a real airport.

Q1. Has Airport Revenue followed Pax Performance?

Airport revenue should follow trends in overall passenger performance.

Q2. Is the Yield per passenger the same as last year?

How much money is the airport actually making per passenger?  Is this up or down on the prior year compared to passenger numbers?  Am I earning more per passenger?

Q3. Has the average transaction value changed?

Are people spending more on average than the same time last year?  How much are my passengers spending on average?  Does that change seasonally indicating a different mix of passengers at different times of the year?

Q4. Has the number of transactions affected the average transaction value?

Are there more transactions than last year in line with passenger growth?  And are people spending more per transaction or is the average value increasing simply due to more transactions taking place?  Do I have my offering right in the terminal?  Transactions value should be following the same trend as the number of actual transactions that occurred.

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll run you through a live example and the 3 remaining steps.

Get excited about what data can tell you!