Airport Business Intelligence Solutions | Dashboard & Reporting Australia and New Zealand
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We make no secret of the fact that aviation, or more specifically airports, are in our blood. Lime has long and deep experience in this sector and we’re confident we can apply our knowledge base to anyone in this space. That’s not to say that learnings from this sector can’t be applied across other industries. At the end of the day, data inputs may change from sector to sector but how to apply them is the key.

Airport Reporting Tool

Purpose Built Airport Reporting Tool

Lime has developed a unique online business intelligence reporting platform that puts accurate data at your fingertips so you can see what’s working and what needs attention.  Totally tailored for airports.

We functionally display your data. All you have to do is filter it and analyse it based on your requirements.

Choose a platform that suits your size

No matter where your airport enterprise currently sits in terms of size and scale, there’s a business intelligence reporting product fit for your needs now and in the future. All airports from aerodromes and small regional airports with less than 100,000 passengers per year through to large and capital city airports can tap into a tool that’s built for purpose.

Centralise all Key Data for Easy Decision Making

We have built reports around easily identifying airport specific KPI’s based on our 60+ years of experience in aviation.  We told you we get airports and we mean it!

From Flight data, Airline Schedule data and Commercial Revenue data – all located in one user friendly online platform.   Lime is a powerful resource.

Lime Airport Reporting Platform Modules

The Complete Package – All Airline, Commercial and Forward Schedule data in one spot!

Cross analyse passenger trends with commercial revenue and performance and efficiently run your airport assets with forward schedules.

Its all here – the power is now yours!

Pick and choose from the following modules available.

Flight Data

Passenger and aircraft movement data (including both RPT and GA data).

Commercial Data

Concessions, car rental, car parks, ground transport and other commercial revenues including property and aeronautical revenue.

Schedule Data

Weekly updated forward schedule data ideal for rostering, asset management, FIDS feed and airline development.

Customised Reporting Packs

Develop your own reports and/or a single monthly management reporting pack.

Airport Consulting

How many times do consultants come into your business and end up telling you what you already know? It’s frustrating, right? That’s not our game.

Using our broad aviation expertise, we offer a bespoke business intelligence consulting service where we essentially act as an extension of your team to work on projects such as

  • Airline Passenger and Capacity Forecasting
  • Airline Route Development and Marketing
  • Aviation Strategy
  • Passenger Research & Catchment Area Research
  • Airport Business Planning
  • Airport Marketing and Branding (both strategy and ongoing execution)
  • Airport social media planning
  • Finance and Commercial Strategy and Modelling
  • Airline Liaison Relationship Building & Introductions

Lime currently consults with a number of airports across Australia, New Zealand the Pacific Island region. Our one and only goal with everyone we consult with is to uncover key insights that will drive your business forward.