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Build your local tribe!

I think we have all found ourselves dreaming lately …

  • what restaurant would we go to first when restrictions are lifted?
  • Where would be the first destination I’d travel to?
  • What local coffee shops would I organise a coffee date with friends?

Why not post these questions to your airport community and build your local tribe? Ask them to share their favourite thing to do locally that only locals may know about. Local secrets!

Do they have a pic they could share? Let’s get a two way conversation going. Building on the theme of local engagement, lets encourage locals to comment on your social media pages and share their local hot spots.

Where would they take their family if they came to visit?

Most tourism entities I have spoken with in the past week are strongly of the opinion that the VFR market (aka visiting friends and relatives) will be one of the first markets to rebound when restrictions are lifted.

Let’s use this time to get a list of local tips and ideas together we can share with tourism stakeholders and airlines in building authentic itineraries (designed by locals who know the destination best!).

How can we capture these ideas for future VFR digital marketing campaigns?

Meet your customers where they are right now.

One of the opportunities we have during COVID-19 lockdown is to enhance our brand and share of voice among the 100’s of daily advertising messages. While many organisations have stopped or dramatically reduced their marketing spend, how do we stand out?

Capture ideas with a human element and talk to locals about the things they miss the most and what they are dreaming of!

Bring on the dreamers, the hope, the positive focus and loyal tribes!
…..and don’t wait until everyone else is doing it!