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Improving Internal Systems & Transforming Business Outcomes

Most people fear change. It’s a part of human nature to be afraid of doing things differently to what they’re used to.

Many enterprises also fear change for much the same reason. But with business being such

a dynamic environment with factors such as new technologies, emerging competitors and changing regulations just to name a few, companies need to be able to adapt and change as necessary.

Business transformation is an area that Lime Intelligence specialises in, led by partner Matt Dyer who has worked extensively on business transformation projects for multi-million dollar businesses over the past 25 years.

Some of the business transformation procedures we look at include:

Systems review

Adaptation strategies for businesses who have experienced growth

Insourcing vs Outsourcing

Finance strategies and structuring

Corporate and Governance strategies

The foundations of a powerful BI tool are first ensuring your systems and processes can capture the right data.

Matt Dyer, Limes Managing Director, explains what we like to call ‘The Lime Continuum’ and how this sets you up for success.