Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Solutions Australia & New Zealand
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At Lime Intelligence, we see ourselves as agents of Business Intelligence.

We consult with our clients to allow them to better understand the data (read intelligence) generated by their own enterprises.

We like to call it Business Intelligence As a Service (BIAAS) and its service that sets us apart.

We empower businesses with data. We empower their people with tools to analyse the data. And we empower them with strategies to turn analysis into action to improve performance.  We are with you every step of the way as part of your team. 

Having access to data is one thing, but knowing what to do with it is key.

Specifically, how we work is through our business pillars outlined below.

Lime is the only full service BI provider in Australia and New Zealand.

data has a better idea

Lime Intelligence Business Pillars

We deliver tailored solutions using our unique user friendly platform and approach to multiple business across many industries.

Lime Intelligence’s  online reporting tool and support designed specifically for airports.

Project management for business transformation and bespoke software solutions.

Airport advisory for airline route development, airport marketing, finance, forecasting, freight strategy and more.

Lime’s solution for small business owners.