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How is your ‘Data Culture’?

Coming out of COVID we are being asked more questions with limited resources.

Build a data culture that sets you up for a ‘new norm’ post COVID?

As we move to life beyond COVID it is more critical than ever to instill a culture within your organisation (big or small!) of harnessing data to make better decisions.

We need to:

  • Know what to look for;
    Join the dots between everyday deliverable’s, actions and data;
  • Understand data sources;
    Are they accurate, easy to maintain and accessible to all?
  • Instill a data culture from the top down;
    Place importance on having access to key insights from leadership teams;
  • Educate teams on how to locate data, use it and interpret it;
  • Disseminate and share key insights; and
  • Don’t employ one individual and leave it up to them!

Using insights to make better decisions is everybody’s business!

Don’t just take it from me!

Wise words from an ASX Top 200 Listed Company.

Kush Kahadugoda, Head of Data Analytics, IOOF (an ASX listed top 200 company with over 500,000 customers) recently published a great article on data culture. I’ve pulled out the key messages below…

In the very near future, businesses will compete based on their data analytics prowess.

This will make data the most valuable raw material for businesses and make data analytics one of the most vital competencies.

A business’s long-term success, or alternatively its failure, will be directly linked to its ability to access, unify and process diverse data assets to generate meaningful and deep insights in the most efficient manner.”

His key takeaways:

  • A data culture must permeate the entire business
  • Data culture should influence business strategy
  • Achieving a data culture is an ongoing and evolving process

For the full article click below:

Lime can help build your data culture.

Lime Intelligence empowers teams to access data for better decisions. That’s what we do!

We take industry experts who know what you should be looking for to identify challenges and opportunities, and present this in an easy to use tool – accessible anywhere online by multiple team members.

Distribution of insights is key to building a data culture.

Lime offers a unique user experience for all skill levels. Bringing power to the people!!

Ask us how! Email us for a chat and a demo and discover the power of Lime.
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We have worked with over 100 users to date and shared some great success stories.