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Who are your passengers?

Lime’s new Passenger Research recipe will take away headaches and give you more reasons to talk to airlines and maximise your revenue.

Who are your passengers?

  • Where are your passengers coming from?
  • Why are they travelling?
  • What are their travel patterns (ie. where is their end destination)?
  • How often do they fly?
  • What do they look like (their behaviours and intentions)?
  • What do they think of your airport and collective businesses?

What do your airlines want to know?

Things have changed, and so has the way airlines want to receive info to make decisions on route development.

In our discussion with top airline executives we asked “what would you like airports to put in their business cases?” What was their top answer? Passenger Research!

Airlines don’t have access to the level of details on passengers that Airport Passenger Surveys can.

A new way to do passenger research!

  • More cost effective than traditional survey methods.
  • Don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on a one off survey. Your passengers travel 365 days a year, and so should your insights.
  • Lime developed methodology. We will take all your survey data and make it tell your passengers’ stories through our dashboard and reporting platform.