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Raising Staff Spirits – The Force is Strong With You!

The consistent theme that keeps coming up is ensuring that your team feels connected and valued in this time of uncertainty.

How about a ‘double benefit’ idea of asking staff to write 150 words or less about their favourite work experience at the airport and then taking the best answer to share with your community Facebook page?

Airports are always emotional places filled with excitable hellos from friends and family.

Do your staff remember the best and most memorable greeting or farewell from one of your passengers?

Do you have an internal Facebook page for staff or extend this to the larger on airport community? Even using internal email communications and asking folks to cc in all with a response.
Maybe offer a small prize for the best answer!

Then share this with the greater public community for your airport – show them how staff are staying positive and why they should continue to love and support their local airport.

Turn fear into focus with a little of what we all love our working at airports 😊