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Airline Schedules Module for Lime

Lime Intelligence partners with OAG Aviation

Are you prepared for what’s coming?
Saving Days of Process Work Each Month with Lime Schedules

Register your interest now by clicking below and take advantage of a free sample of schedule data for the upcoming months tailored to your airport.

Save hours every week – Click Schedules

Lime knows airports

We consulted with some of our existing customers and on average, most spend up to 6-8+ hours each week manually pulling schedules off websites and other sources and sharing this info to effectively manage terminal and airside assets.

What is your time worth to you? How could you better spend hours each week?

How automated future airline schedules can help across your airport

  • Rostering
    Security screening, cleaning staff, café staff, CAGRO and fire services teams
  • Asset Management
    Knowing when are the best times in advance to plan scheduled maintenance in the terminal and airside
  • Airline Route Development
    Gaps in schedule or overlaps?
  • Stakeholder Management
    Communicating schedule changes to all on airport
  • FIDS System Feed
  • Forecast Terminal – and apron congestion
  • Busy Hour Outlook – identifying peaks in advance
  • Capital Works Planning – ie. knowing how often the departure lounge is over ‘capacity’ and when to time maintenance
  • Check In Counter Management
  • COVID-19 Management – Identifying when extra resources will be needed to monitor physical distancing
  • Airport Commercial Businesses
    Helping the café plan ahead for F&B ordering
  • Predicting Passenger Flows – through the terminal
  • Forecasting passenger numbers – Lime enables you to combine actual load factors with forward schedules to estimate demand

Bring decisions to light, remove process work

Are you spending more time collecting data than you are sharing it and actioning the insights?
What is this time worth to you? $$
Our customers have said Lime will save at least half an FTE equivalent each year!

Lime Intelligence partners with global OAG Aviation to deliver a new airline schedules module

This game changer partnership will provide valuable weekly updated forward and historical schedule data to your desktop
  • Forward Schedule Data (up to 12 months in advance)
  • Updated Weekly
  • Available via Lime Intelligence’s User Friendly Online Tool

Stop searching online websites for updated airline schedules.

  • Tailored reports online (in the format you need them)
  • Designed to save days of process work each month finding schedule updates and writing them up
  • Compare forward schedules with last year
  • Track scheduled vs actually operated flights
  • Filter by airline, route, aircraft types, time of day and more
  • Track your forward COVID recovery with weekly updates & easily share with board, management and stakeholders
  • Dramatically increase forecast accuracy
How it works
  1. Subscribe to the Schedule Module of Lime
  2. Login, open the updated schedule reports, choose date ranges, use filters if needed, export and distribute to on airport operators and stakeholders. Boom!

OAG is global provider of airline schedules and receives daily dynamic updates from airlines around the world. OAG has partnered with Lime Intelligence to enable access to its high end schedule analyser tool with the same Lime look and feel tailored for airports, ready for action.


Once off license fee:

AUD $7,500 + GST

Payable in two instalments

Monthly subscription:

AUD $696 +GST

Pricing effective from 1 July 2023

Register your interest now by clicking below and take advantage of a free sample of schedule data for the upcoming months tailored to your airport.